Certification & CEUs

VRPS Certification Board

Chair- Shannon Moore, CPRP

Edward E. Matthews, CPRP

Arlana Fauntleroy, CPRP

Charles Hester, CPRP

Matt Spruill, CPRP

What is Certification?

Professional certification is the term applied to the process whereby an individual voluntarily submits his or her credentials for review based upon clearly identified competencies, criteria, or standards. The National Recreation & Park Association’s (NRPA) primary purpose for developing the Certified Park & Recreation Professional (CPRP) certification is to ensure that personnel employed in recreation, park resources, and leisure services meet high standards of performance.

Certification is one way to achieve individual recognition, enhance self-esteem, and gain respect of parks and recreation peers and the public. Certification enhances the credibility of the individual and the profession as well as provides a reward system for those individuals who achieve a high level of professionalism. The accompanying plan for the national certification of recreation, park resources, and leisure service personnel in Virginia by the Virginia Recreation and Park Society (VRPS) affords a means of attesting to the education and experience qualifications of personnel employed for compensation in recreation, park resources and leisure service, in public, quasi-public, and private employment. Membership in the VRPS shall not be a prerequisite for certification.

Visit the Certification Details page for:

  • Purposes of the VRPS Certification Plan
  • Certification Glossary
  • Why Become Certified?
  • How Do I Become Certified?
  • Who is Eligible?
  • CPRP Qualifications
  • Staying Certified
  • CPRP National Exam
  • NRPA Links

CEU Sessions


The primary goal of a CEU session is to improve performance. The majority of delegates are seeking CEUs for renewing their professional certification. CEU sessions may be one session (1 hour and 15 minutes) or may be a double session (2 hours and 30 minutes). Partial CEUs will not be awarded.


   1. Activity is planned in response to educational needs that have been identified for a target audience.
   2. Activity has clear, concise, and measurable written statements of intended learning outcomes.
   3. Qualified instructional personnel are involved in planning and conducting each activity.
   4. Content and instructional methods are appropriate for the intended learning outcomes of each activity.
   5. Participants must demonstrate their attainment of the learning outcomes.
   6. The participants evaluate each learning activity.

Please Note: Individual CEU Session Approval Applications must be made within 30 days of program completion.

Submitting for CEUs and Transcripts

1.  Complete all CEU request forms and have them saved in a single PDF file.

2.  Have your credit card on-hand for payment.  Note:  you must have the mailing address where the statement for the card is sent in order for the credit card transaction to succeed.

3.  Submit your CEU request via the online form available HERE.

4.  Please allow a minimum of 30 days for your request to be processed.

5.  If your event is a VRPS sanctioned event, please provide VRPS Central Office a copy of each CEU certificate that is presented to attendees.  VRPS files these certificates on behalf of individuals in the event that they request CEU transcripts in the future.

Attendance Verification Form 

Official Transcript of CEU's earned  
$10 VRPS Member
$15 Non-Member

Individual Professional:  CEU Session Approval for Workshop Attendance:
$5.00 Application fee plus    
$2.00 per .1 CEU requested VRPS Member
$3.00 per .1 CEU requested Non-Member

*Include verification of workshop registration with submission.

CEU Session Approval
$30 VRPS-Affiliated Workshop/Function or VRPS Member
$40 VRPS Non-Member

Continuing Professional Development Board Organization Application
$30  VRPS Member
$40  Non Member


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