Management Conference

2019 Management Conference and Festivals & Events Institute

Hilton Garden Inn
Suffolk, Virginia

NEW FOR 2019:  Festivals & Events Institute Component

NEW FOR 2019:  Special Events Component:  Saturday - Monday noon

NEW FOR 2019:  Special Events Component:  Saturday - Monday noon

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Saturday, February 23 

KEYNOTE | Marcy Durrer/Dan Smith  "Mater Man's Midlife Crisis: How a Department Streamlined a Beloved 40 Year Community Event"

SESSION A | Jared Hoering "Formalizing the Special Event Planning Process"

                      -handouts 1 | 2-

SESSION B | Angie Sims/Joy Johnson "All Hands on Board: Volunteer Management for Special Events"


SESSION C | Marlene Jolliffe "Customer Experience - Defining, Measuring and Improving"

SESSION D | Joy Johnson/Angie Sims "Expect the Unexpected: A blueprint to Address Issues Before they Happen"

                      - handouts 1 | 2 | 3 | 4-

SESSION E | Lauren Wood/Danny Byrum "Event Planning Basics: Preparation, Organization, Implementation = Success"

SESSION F | Cheryl Colton/Gathoni Kamau "Celebrating Community through Culturally Diverse Programming"

Sunday, February 24

SESSION A | Ananda Mitra "Use of open-ended 'Big Data' from citizens for decision making"

SESSION B | Art Thatcher "Thriving in the New Economy"

SESSION C | Whitney Clarke, Kings Dominion Special Events Manager "Behind the Scenes"

SESSION D | Joel McCormick "What is Servant Leadership & How Can I Apply It?"

KEYNOTE | John Verrico "Gathering Villagers with Torches: How To Build Collaborative Partnerships"

SESSION E | Tracy Newson "Fun For All: Making Temporary Events Accessible"

SESSION F | Cindy Curtis "Critical Thinking: Presenting Ideas to Management"

Monday, February 25

SESSION A | James Worsley "Gen Z @ Work: Are Managers Prepared?"

SESSION B | Aaron Reidmiller/Tevya Williams Griffin "Bridging the Gap between Health, Planning, and Recreation"

SESSION C | Greg Cronin "Convert Challenge to Accomplishment by Implementing Adaptive Leadership Techniques in Your Agency"

SESSION D | Aaron Reidmiller "Are You Old Enough to be the Boss? Leadership Strategies for Young Professionals"

KEYNOTE | Zachariah Ballinger "The Hot Seat: How to Meet the Challenge of a New Era in Job Interviewing”

SESSION E | Greg Cronin "Finding Your Acorn - Management Techniques to Grow Your Culture"

SESSION F | Doug Kennedy/Betsy Kennedy "Workplace Politics: How to Manage Down AND Up to Stay Sane!"

SESSION G | Zachariah Ballinger "Leadership 101: Are Leaders Born or Made?"

SESSION H | Andru Fratarcangeli/Brynn Dipaolo "Big Data in Customer Service and Why it Matters"

Tuesday, February 26

SESSION A | Katy Keller/Jay Tryon "Paving IT’s Way to Being a Department That Stands Out"

SESSION B | Tiffanie Rosier "Creating Collaborative Partnerships"

SESSION C | Katy Keller "Get Social With IT"

SESSION D | Roberto Ramos/Dare Williams "Staff Recognition That Works: Improving Staff Morale and Retaining Staff"

KEYNOTE | Joe Koronowski “From the Farm to NASA Mission Control - The Evolution of a Leader"