Ticket Programs

Information from the participating attractions, along with ticket order forms are available.  Parks participating this year include:

Click here for the Member Ticket Program Authorization Contract.

  • This contract must be filled out by the Director or person in comparable position.
  • This contract is required in order to participate in the VRPS Consignment (hardcopy) Ticket Program.
  • No orders will be filled without first receiving a completed authorization contract.
  • Please scan and email (vrps@vrps.com) or FAX (804-730-9455) signed contract with or before first order.

Click here to view the VRPS Ticket Webinar and learn about partnering with VRPS and offering discount theme park tickets in your localities.

How Do I Place a Consignment Order? (Kings Dominion Only)

  1. Complete a Member Ticket Authorization Contract (first order of the season only).
  2. Complete a order form for the specific ticket type.
  3. Scan/email (vrps@vrps.com) or FAX (804-730-9455) your forms to VRPS.

Shipping and Handling Options:
* Choose UPS Ground ($15) if you have allowed up to ten days to receive your order.
* Choose UPS Overnight/Next Business Day ($35) if you have ordered by 3pm on Monday - Friday and wish to receive your package on the next business day.

* Please email vrps@vrps.com.
* Please note:  ticket orders may not be placed over the phone.

VRPS Kings Dominion Discount Ticket Program

Individuals seeking ticket purchases:  please see the online ticket purchase option to the right under the park logo.

* Ticket prices are the same.
* You may purchase up to 50 tickets for a single $9.99 processing fee.
* You must have access to a printer to print your tickets.

VRPS Super Saver Tickets

* $39.00 (Ages 3 and above)
* Valid for the following dates unless there is a park rental day:

  • March 30 - May 19
  • July 5 - July 31
  • September 21 - October 27

* Receive 1 complimentary ticket for every 20 tickets purchased, both hardcopy (consignment) and via online purchase portal.

Good Anyday Tickets

$41.00 (Ages 3 and above)
* Valid any regular operating day during the 2019 season EXCEPT park rental days.

Kings Dominion Operating Calendar

Soak City Operating Calendar (Soak City is the waterpark within Kings Dominion; Soak City entry is included with ticket purchases, however Soak City may operate on different hours and days.)

Contact Kings Dominion at 804-876-5000 to receive marketing materials.

Miscellaneous Forms

2016 VRPS Ticket Program Webinar:  learn about the program and becoming a theme park ticket agency

Ticket Return Policy

Tickets received on consignment from VRPS must be returned to the Central Office by COB 11/8/2019.

Financial responsibility for all consignment tickets remains with consignee until they are returned to VRPS possession.  Therefore, it is highly encouraged that tickets be returned via insured carrier rather than regular postal mailing, whether tickets are returned during or after valid redemption dates.

* There are no refunds or returns for any Tickets purchased through the VRPS Kings Dominion or Carowinds online stores.

Online Sales


  • You MUST pay by credit card.
  • Tickets will appear in a pop-up from the site - be sure your computer or personal device allows the pop-up.
  • You must print your ticket and redeem at the park gate.  You can scan your tickets from your personal device at the gate as well.
  • There are NO REFUNDS.
  • Ticket prices are the same as the hardcopy consignment tickets available to contracted VRPS ticket agencies.
  • Comp tickets (when applicable) will be calculated and appear in your shopping cart prior to checkout.
  • The ONLY ticket delivery option is e-ticket.
  • You must contact the theme park call center with any online questions or issues:
  • Orders are subject to the following processing fees:
    • 1-2 items:  $6.99
    • 3-4 items:  $8.99
    • 5+ items:  $9.99 
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